Why is this my favorite project ?

This creative work is titled "Hot Sauce." It's an album cover for upcoming rapper PinkCaravan! I began concepting this piece at the end of 2019 during period of time when I was going through depression and grief after a breakup. I wasn't creating. I wasn't feeling creative. I thought I couldn't create anymore. Weeks of concepting went by with no final concept to begin mockup. It's January 2020. The song is set to release on February 11th and I have nothing to show the rapper after weeks of saying "soon." I have 4 days until we need to submit to the digital streaming platforms. I send the rapper one last concept before I go on 3 day mission of no sleep with cans of red bull piling my art studio floor. Cover done. Song released. 100K streams later combined from all streaming platforms. Mission accomplished. Creativity found.